Current projects

Seafarers Hospital Society runs exciting health projects and innovative pilot programmes.
Here are details of some of the current projects.

Admiral Specialist Dementia Nurse, Wallasey

In collaboration with the Nautilus Welfare Fund, Seafarers Hospital Society funds a specialist dementia nurse based at Mariners’ Park in Wallasey. The nurse provides dedicated support to residents with dementia needs, as well as to those who live in the community. This assistance is also offered to occupational and family carers.

Dental Care

Our work through the SeaFit project has identified a crisis in dental health for fishing families. This is due to a combination of factors, a lack of NHS provision and problems with making and keeping appointments when working at sea. As a result, many fishers and their families find it difficult to access dental care.

Seafarers Hospital Society has partnered with The Fisherman’s Mission and community dental providers Smile Together and Dentaid to offer free dental health checks and emergency treatment at a variety of harbourside locations. For more information about the SeaFit click here https://seahospital.createdbyarc.dev/help-for-you/the-seafit-programme/

Brighter Smiles (Cornwall)

Seafarers Hospital Society is funding an exciting five-year project to teach young children the value of good dental hygiene and improve dental health amongst fishing families.

Community Dental provider, Smile Together, delivers its Brighter Smiles programme to five-nine-year-old pupils at Newlyn School in Cornwall. This vital project has been running since Autumn 2019 and incorporates the following activities:

  • Daily tooth-brushing clubs for nursery and reception classes
  • Free fluoride varnishing in reception and year 1 to protect against tooth decay
  • Advice and education for children, staff and parents/carers to establish good eating habits and limit sugary snacks and drinks
  • Education packs for every child to help establish good practice at home
  • A dedicate dental nurse to work with teachers and classroom staff

Brighter Smiles — our work in 2020


Cornish children engaged in oral health programme


Children participating in toothbrushing clubs daily


Number of oral health education packs funded

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