The SeaFit Programme


SeaFit is a long-term programme designed to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of fishermen throughout the UK, delivered in partnership with The Fishermen’s Mission. It links with NHS and Public Health services to facilitate access to local health promotion and prevention initiatives and, where services are limited, works with local teams to support outreach into fishing communities.

SeaFit provides a range of free services direct to the community:

The SeaFit brand is now established and recognised in many fishing ports around the UK. Evidence from the Programme shows that fishers are more likely to seek help to improve their health and wellbeing when services are taken directly to them at the quayside.

Using a holistic approach, we have been able to initiate individual health improvements in a relatively short time. More fishers are being empowered to change their behaviour by making positive lifestyle choices.


The SeaFit Programme 2020 impact


Interactions with fishermen and their families


People received Dental Treatment & Advice


People engaged with by our Healthy Lifestyle Advisors


Mental Health counselling sessions

Health checks

We are currently planning our next SeaFit health check event. We will send information about this in News and Publications section and via our Social Media channels.

Healthy Lifestyle Advisors

Our team of Healthy Lifestyle Advisors work with fishers and their families in various locations around the UK to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Activities include:

  • help to stop smoking
  • healthy eating and weight management
  • physical activity
  • help to stop alcohol and drug abuse

We currently offer healthy lifestyle advice in the following locations:


Our Healthy Lifestyle Advisor, Hazel Smith, is based in Newlyn, and works with fishers and their families in and around the harbour, offering advice and support on health issues:

To find out more about any aspect of the Healthy Lifestyle Advice service phone Hazel on 07753 460 957 or email: hazel.smith@cornwall.gov.uk


Our Healthy Trainer in Bridlington can be contacted by email HNF-TR.healthtrainers@nhs.net or phone Rich Beecroft on 0800 917 7752


The Health Lifestyle Advisor Peterhead can be contacted by email: healthylifestyleadvisor@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or phone Catriona Arthur on 07436 020 165

Free dental checks and initial treatment

We deliver free dental health checks and some initial treatment to fishers and their families through Dentaid.

Dental health is just as important as physical and mental health but when you’re out at sea it’s often not a priority. And if you can’t get to see a dentist or you neglect your teeth it can lead to significant problems later on.

That’s why the Seafarers Hospital Society has partnered with the Fishermen’s Mission and community dental provider Dentaid, to take dental health services into the fishing community. We’re providing free dental checks and immediate treatment for fishers and their families at a variety of harbourside locations as part of SeaFit health events. We’re using state of the art mobile dental units, to provide high quality dental care where it’s needed.

To find out more about SeaFit’s work on dental health, call Carol Elliott on 07486 319 621 or email: PDMSeafit@fishermensmission.org.uk

Mental health and wellbeing support

We provide mental health and wellbeing support to fishers and their families to complement the online service available free through Togetherall. We currently offer mental health and wellbeing support in the following locations:


Ceri Summers of Fairwinds, is based in Newlyn. Ceri is an experienced mental health practitioner offering advice, support and counselling to fishers and their families.

To find out more or to book an appointment to see Ceri call 01736 366 224 or email fairwinds781@outlook.com

Norfolk and Suffolk

We offer mental health and wellbeing advice, support and signposting in Norfolk and Suffolk through a project called Fishwell which is delivered by MTICC, a social enterprise working in mental health and wellbeing in East Anglia. Fishwell engages with fishers on the quayside at a variety of locations including Lowestoft, Southwold, Dunwich, Sizewell, Thorpeness, Alderburgh, Felixstowe, Orford, Cromer, Wells-next-the-sea and King’s Lynn.

To find out more call Fishwell on 01284 765854, email info@fishwell.org.uk or visit their website www.fishwell.org.ukto find out about future events.

Physiotherapy network

In conjunction with Harbourside Physiotherapy Clinic, Seafarers Hospital Society has backed free physiotherapy to fishers for many years. The knowledge and expertise they have built up about the impact of fishing on physical health is unprecedented. See the Fast Track Physiotherapy page for additional information on how to get treatment.

Cornwall & Devon

Padstow, Wadebridge

North Cornwall Physiotherapy 01208 816666 info@northcornwallphysio.co.uk Andrew Mooney


Fay Pedler Physiotherapy 01752 664519 rickymckee@faypedlerclinic.co.uk Ricky McKee


Harbourside Physiotherapy 01736 366224 Lesley@harboursidephysiotherapy.co.uk Lesley Harry

Mevagissey, St Austell

Sandy Hill Physical Therapy Centre 01726 676567 helpme@sandyhillphysio.co.uk Ged Gilchrest

Looe, Seaton

Cardew Physiotherapy & Performance 07843 249664 jccardew@me.com Jen Cardew


Falmouth Physiotherapy 01326 312 156 admin@falmouthphysio.co.uk Phillipa Tindle


Tidal Physiotherapy 07983 313 344 info@tidalphysiotherapy.com Stephanie Murray

N Ireland


Mourne Physiotherapy 02843 767336 mournephysioclinic@yahoo.co.uk Christine Burns



Peterhead Physiotherapy 01779 474381 alex@physio22.co.uk Alex McLean


Ruth Sunderland Physiotherapy 07806 569859 ruthsunderlandphysiotherapy@gmail.com Ruth Sunderland


Lochaber Complimentary Health Clinic (Weds only) 01397 702 257 Ruth Sunderland

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Fast-track physiotherapy

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Dreadnought Medical Service

Based at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and supported by SHS, the Dreadnought offers priority NHS treatment for working seafarers. Due to the nature of their work, seafarers are unable to make routine appointments and are not permitted to work if they have certain medical conditions, in case of an emergency whilst at sea.

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Mental health and wellbeing

Working at sea can be challenging to your mental health too. We fund Togetherall to offer a free, confidential online service to seafarers who need help with mental health and wellbeing issues. It includes access to trained counsellors, a support network, self-help materials and one-to-one therapy.

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